Every item of clothing and all household goods donated to Red Nose
help save little lives and save the environment!

Explore your impact below...

At Red Nose, we are committed to sustainability – which is vital for future generations and a cleaner planet for our children.

The equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in landfill every second. 

We also know that up to 85% of textiles go into landfill each year, that’s enough to fill Sydney Harbour annually!

Last year alone, our Clothing Collection & Recycling program helped divert 317.5 million kilos of clothing from landfill! 

Red Nose Clothing Collection and Recycling is a great way to care for the environment all the while helping to save little lives.

Join us and together we can declutter your closests, save little lives, and help the environment!

How your donations make an impact

When you donate your pre-loved clothes and househood goods to Red Nose, you’re making a BIG impact – for both families and the environment.  

All of the profits from our clothing collection program are reinvested back into our programs and help to fund research, support families, and save little lives. But they have a big environmental impact too.

Saving items from landfill 

Every item donated to Red Nose is one fewer item ending up in landfill. We helped divert more than 317 million kilos of waste from landfill last year.   

Landfill doesn’t just take up space, it also contributes to global warming, as the rubbish pile creates its own methane-rich greenhouse gases. 

The more items we can recycle, the more stuff stays out of landfill, and the less of a problem it will be for future generations.  

Saving water and reducing your carbon footprint 

For every item we save from landfill, the impact on the environment is profound.  And every pre-loved item that's placed for sale in a Savers store gives it the chance to be bought by someone else in place of a newly made shirt or pair of jeans.  

Did you know that growing and manufacturing cotton uses millions of litres of water, meaning just one cotton t-shirt can use a massive 2,700 litres of water – enough water for one person to drink for nearly three years! 

Buying a pre-loved pair of jeans instead of a brand new pair, saves the planet up to 16kg of carbon emissions, 5,455 litres of water, and about 1kg of waste. Amazing!  

When you consider how much water is used and wasted to make our clothes, it just makes sense to re-home your pre-loved clothes and recycle your unwanted items instead of letting them go to waste.   

Helping your local community

When you donate your unwanted items to Red Nose instead of throwing them away, you're also helping your local community.

Everything that is generously donated to Red Nose is either sold at affordable prices through Savers stores to thrifty customers, or recycled and made into other useful items. Even our red donation bags can be recycled!

You are also impacting the lives of hundreds of Australians who are employed by, or directly impacted by, the work of our partner, Savers. Find out more about the important community work Savers do in your community.

Ways to donate your pre-loved clothes and goods... 

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