Make a real difference with your dollar this Christmas and buy a charity gift that supports Aussie families.

With a Red Nose virtual gift, you can help fund vital grief support services and lifesaving research!

Perfect for the family member with everything, or the friend who is passionate about saving little lives, this is a gift like no other.

Your loved one will receive a special email with a downloadable card and will know they're a part of a caring community who are passionate about supporting families and saving little lives.

How it works

1. Select your e-gift card

Choose from our range of virtual gifts to help fund something your loved one truly cares about.

2. Choose delivery method

Send your friend or loved one a heartfelt e-card on a day of your choosing, or print it out at home to gift it in person.

3. Personalise your gift

Write a heartfelt message to your friend or loved one.

4. Make a difference

Your generous gift helps fund vital support services, life-saving research and evidence-based education.

Choose a gift that supports heartbroken families:

Choose a gift that funds vital research:

Choose a gift that helps save little lives:

Be the reason someone smiles this Christmas

Each virtual gift represents a tax-deductible donation to Red Nose on your loved one's behalf. With your support Red Nose can:

*  Provide a network of vital support services to heartbroken families who suffer the loss of their baby or child

*  Fund life-saving new research into SIDS and stillbirth, to create a future where no little lives are cut short

*  Empower new parents and their families with the knowledge to keep their new babies safe

This unique and compassionate gift choice fosters a sense of community, and hope for a better future. By donating on behalf of someone, you are celebrating the spirit of giving in its purest form.

Give a gift that gives twice by purchasing a virtual gift for someone you love, all while support Aussie families this Christmas.

Frequently asked questions 

What is a virtual gift?

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When you purchase a virtual gift, you are making a donation on behalf of your loved one.

They will receive an email that includes:

  • details of the virtual gift you have chosen and the impact your gift makes,
  • a downloadable PDF card,
  • and a personalised message from you.

How are my virtual gifts sent?

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When you select your virtual gift, you have three options:

Emailed:  We will email your virtual gift to your loved one either now, or on a future date of your choosing.

Download: We will email your virtual gift to you, for you to print out and gift to your loved one in person.

No card: Do you just want to support Aussie families? We've got you covered. Purchase your gift and select 'No Card' and we will email you a receipt for your generous donation.

Can I choose when my virtual gift is sent?

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Absolutely! If you don't want your virtual gift emailed straight away, you can choose to schedule it to be sent on your preferred future date.

Do I really fund the service/item on the virtual gift?

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The virtual gift you purchase represents the type of support provided through our programs and services for Aussie families. With your help we fund vital grief support services, lifesaving research and evidence based education to keep babies safe.

The service/item on your virtual gift may be the very one that is actually delivered by our dedicated team working in the field, or it may be pooled with other donations to make the biggest impact where it's needed most.

Every time you choose to donate to Red Nose, you are not only helping ensure that our vital programs and services can continue supporting families, you are also helping to build a future where no little lives are cut short.

Is my virtual gift purchase tax deductible?

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Yes! All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Once you purchase a virtual gift, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt straight to your email inbox.

How do I get in touch?

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Still have unanswered questions about our virtual gift catalogue?

Contact our Supporter Care team between 9am to 5pm AEST, Monday to Friday.


 Telephone: 1300 998 698