We want your pre-loved
clothes and household 

Learn more about donating your pre-loved clothes, fashion
accessories and household goods, and the items we can and
can't accept.

We rely on donated clothes

As a community organisation, we rely on the generosity of the community and the donations we receive to fund our vital work for Australian families.

We invite you to join us by donating your pre-loved clothes and household goods (SA only), and together, we can support families and make a BIG difference for little lives.

100% of profits are invested back into our programs for Aussie families, helping to fund lifesaving research, support grieving families, and save little lives.

We are currently collecting clothes and manchester in Victoria and clothes, manchester and small household goods in South Australia. 

What can I donate?

Clothing and fashion accessories  

Clothing, shoes and accessories including women’s, men’s and children’s clothing.

Linen & manchester  

Absolutely anything made from fabric.

Homewares & bric-a-brac  

Homewares and bric-a-brac still in good condition.  

Kitchen equipment 

Unwanted cooking equipment and small kitchen appliances.


Small electrical items

Games & equipment  

Toys, CDs, DVDs and sporting equipment.  

Donation guide – what we can and can't accept

Items we can accept

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Clothing and fashion accessories (Vic & SA) 
Clothing, shoes and accessories including shirts, dresses, shorts, coats, jackets, jumpers, pants, socks, sunglasses, shoes, scarves, ties and bowties, belts, bags, suitcases – literally any clothing items including women’s, men’s and children’s.

Linen and manchester (Vic & SA) 
Anything made from fabric including linen, towels, cushions, rugs, curtains, blankets, quilts and absolutely anything made from fabric.

Homewares and bric-a-brac (SA) 
Homewares and bric-a-brac that's in good condition including vases, picture frames and paintings, lamps, ornaments, mirrors, books, DVDs, toys, games, jigsaw puzzles and board games.

Kitchen equipment (SA) 
Your unwanted kitchen equipment and appliances including pots, pans, crockery, utensils, cutlery, baking items, lunch boxes, plastic containers, and small appliances (like blenders, kettles, microwaves, toasters).

Small furniture and electronics (SA only) 
Small electrical items and furniture including coffee tables, TVs, CD and DVD players, vacuum cleaners, stereo equipment and video game consoles.

Games and equipment (SA) 
Toys, CDs, DVDs and sporting equipment including bikes, golf clubs, exercise equipment, prams. 

If in doubt, give us a call on 1300 473 366.

Items we can't accept

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While we always appreciate your generosity, due to government regulations and other local restrictions there are some items that we can't accept.

These include books, large furniture such as beds and mattresses, large white goods such as fridges and washing machines, food, paint and chemicals, or your rubbish! 

How to donate your pre-loved clothes and goods... 

Drop it off
Find your closest donation point
Free collection
Book a pick-up and we'll come to you
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Leave your bags out on the day
listed on the bag and we'll collect it
Call us
Call us on 1300 473 366
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