In memory of William Mark McGeary

By Kylah Grainger

For our son William Mark McGeary. Who was to turn 3 on the 7th August 2021 but left us on the 19th July. We love you our baby. This is for you.

Clem & I (Kylah) had William in 2018. Followed by his little brother Jack in 2019. They were great friends & William loved to teach his little brother things.

William was a very bright and energetic 2 year old boy. He knew his colours, shapes & numbers through to 30. He knew the names for all heavy machinery thanks to his dad. His favourite being a longreach excavator. He loved fishing with his pop and could tell you the names of many fish. 

William had 4 random convulsions since Jan 2021 but the doctors assured us they were febrile and could never hurt him. He was never sick or had any symptoms prior to when he had these convulsions. 

Despite that we did push for a referral to a paediatric neurologist but we were yet to attend this appointment in October 2021. He was otherwise a very happy and healthy boy. 

William fell asleep on me while watching a movie on Sunday night 18th July. Clem put him to bed as normal. Most nights William would wake and find his way to our bed. 

In the early hours of the 19th July I went to check on William in his bed as he always pushed his covers off in his sleep. I found him face down in his bed and not breathing. Clem performed CPR until the emergency services arrived but they informed us he had already passed and there was nothing more they could do. 

Testing is still being done to try and determine if they can find a cause but the forensics team have informed us it could always remain “unknown”. 

The Red Nose team were fantastic with offering to help us in our time of need and doing William’s hand and foot casts for us to keep. 
We appreciate it so much and would love to raise more money to help other families get the help and support they need. 

My Updates

Fundraiser August 2021.

Friday 21st Jan
In August 2021 I raised $31,812.00 for Red Nose on my Facebook page. 
It was a massive effort from everyone to get around this cause for our boy. Thank you to everyone who donated. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kylah & Clem Mcgeary


Tregidgo Family

Love you always will


Tahli Butler

Love you William. X