In memory of Penelope Mae MacDonald

By Sarah MacDonald

My Updates

October 15th is International pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance day.

Monday 11th Oct

On Sunday 17th October we will be taking part in the Pregnancy and Infant Loss (PAIL) awareness event, a ‘Walk to Remember,’ coming together with other families who have lost their babies. On our walk we will take the precious steps that our beautiful baby girl, Penelope Mae will never get to take.  

Every day we are reminded about something that our baby girl, Penelope Mae will never get to do. From saying her first words, blowing raspberries, crying, giving kisses, laughing and playing. The list is endless and each day we experience heartache that all our hopes and dreams for Penelope Mae will never be. 

Every day six Australian families experience the tragedy of stillbirth. We were shocked to hear such a high statistic and we never imagined that we would be one of those families. Of those 6 babies, 40% of families will never know the reason. This number has been unchanged for over 20 years in Australia, despite modern advances in medical practice and health care. It is 30 times more common than Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), however there is far less awareness surrounding stillbirth.  

Stillbirth is Australia's hidden health crisis.

Please donate in memory of Penelope Mae, to raise awareness and to prevent this heartache from happening to other families. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Adrian And Cassie Macdonald

For our little niece, we will love you forever and always Penelope ❤️




Raana Walsh

With all my love for your beautiful Penelope Mae ❤️


Frances & John

I loving memory of Penelope, you will never be forgotten little one ❤️


Mandy & Terry Xxx

We shall be thinking of you both on Sunday as you walk for Penelope Mae and the work of SANDS. Much love. Mx


Donald Cunninghame


Jenny Rodwell

Forever in our thoughts and hearts


Regan & Shiloh

Penelope will forever be in our thoughts, we love you guys & will do whatever we can to help raise awareness along side you both! ♥️


Veronica Major


James Robinson

Thinking of you both, sending all our love ❤️. James, Nicki & Ellis xx


Carolyn Rodwell


Rebekah Rorsrad

Sending so much love, Bex, Chris and Bailey Xxxx


Sally Burke


Natalie Brown

Sending you lots of love & hugs ❤️ Thinking of you & gorgeous little Penelope xx


Janice Buckenara

Sending all our love, Jan and Ross


Heather And Daniel

I’m loving memory of Penelope Mae


Lauren Smith

Love always 💖


Megan Dyson

For beautiful Penelope Mae


Chloe, Harry & Luna Thackwell








Katelin Furner


The Dall Family


Laura Jackson


Vivienne Bush

In loving memory


Sam C

❤❤❤ to you both





Rosalind Homer

Keeping you in my prayers. Love from Great Aunty Rosalind xxx