Running for Luca

By Shady Mikhael Join Me

Help me save little lives, support families and fund vital research.

Family and Friends, I have been thrown a challenge to participate in running the Mudgee Marathon, 

Running has always been something I really enjoy, it allows me to challenge myself and take time to reflect on life.. 

I experience a sense of gratitude and appreciation for everything that happens around me and it open my eyes to how to be a better person everyday. 

 A marathon has crossed my mind before but I know is going to take absolutely everything I have and maybe something I don’t have to get to the finish line. 

 I completed half a marathon in June 2021 and it was one of the most rewarding experiences especially doing it alongside one of my closest friends as well as my twin brother,  but what was more rewarding is having my family there to support me and seeing their smile at the finish line. 

I have taken on this challenge in faith, and I am a strong believer that challenges are the only way to growth. I’ve been challenged so many times and I’m ready to take this one head on ! 

My inspiration on this challenge will be my Angel Luca, who is flying in Heaven.. we lost Luca to SIDS the age of 3 months and I would do anything to see him again or give him a hug.. 

Leading up to Red Nose Day I’ve decided to set a goal where I can raise money for to support this amazing foundation and do what we can to help in anyway to hopefully one day find the answer  that so many people are looking for to reduce any chance of this unknown cause that takes away children who we love the most 

Luca is going to be on my mind for the entire duration and together we hope to make a difference.

I am running for you my boy ❤️

Thanks in advance for your support 

Love always 


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Robbie Morgan

So much love and respect for you bro.


Mum And Dad

Habibi Shido Mum and I are so proud of you and what you always do for your family . May God bless and your very beautiful family . With our love 😘😘😘


Dina Reed


Jodene Denton

We love you all so much. Luca would be so proud of you . Xx


Ian Jones

Sending belated support from the side lines for a great cause and a big challenge! Well done, Max and team!


Mark Sundquist

Inspiring buddy…run forest, run


Rocky Sama

Inspirational and courageous mate. All the best for your run and tally for a great cause.


Brian Lord


Renee Whitehead

So much love and support for you and your family and for everything you have gone through So glad we could be apart of this day to support such a special charity close to all our hearts . This is for you Luca


Richard Whitehead

Looking forward to supporting you further in our epic run for such a great cause.


The Burke’s

What an inspiration you are, well done Shady!


Jodie B

Thankyou for raising awareness and support to so many who have pain..


Aleisha Burke


Ashraf Sakla

We are proud of you, run for Luca habibi


Wafik Latif

Great work shady , God bless


Marlene & Farid Nassif

Well done Shady all the best for your run


Option One Financial Partners

I wish you well Shady; its a great cause.


Julie Brown

Gos bless you and your precious family.


Magdi &souta

Good on you shady , great work


Samantha & Richard Drury


Peter Saad

Keep inspiring us my dear friend ❤


Adham Mikhael

Continue to amaze me everyday, proud to call you my brother, and an amazing model for your family, can’t wait to watch u gallop ❤️


Zaid Shnoudi



Maz D


Mary-rose & Michael La Guidara



I am sure Luca is looking down proud of his Daddy Thinking of you, Kirsten and the boys



Go well you Legend!


Tim Whincop





To your boy Luca :)



In honour of our little boy, Luca. Well done handsome, so proud of you.


Gar Galbraith

You've got this! Go for gold Shadz, love ma & Liza


Ben Jackson

Best of luck Shadz! With love from, the Jacksons :)


Naime Nuka


Ann Pedersen


Jyoti Sachdeva

My heart goes out to you and your family Shady, nothing can fill this void but your good efforts can help many others.


Longhurst Family

Well done Shady. Great cause as well. All the best, and all our love x


Ramy And Ev

Great idea. Good luck on your run shady. 🙂


Lesley Rawlings

Will be thinking of you and cheering you on! You are such an inspiration and I’m excited to hear how it all goes xx


Tareq And Veronica

Wishing you the best


Conall Tayler

Your son would be proud ❤️


Ashleigh And Michael Crosilla

Sending you lots of love, cheering and support; SIDS is absolutely horrible and my heart still breaks for you both but seeing you continuing on and something about this is awe inspiring. Lots of love from all of us.


Debbie Gabreal


Jordan Hall

Well done Shady, go well mate.


Verena Billett

All the best Shady


Justin & Kristy Freschi


Caitlin, Simon, Teddy And Alfie Pobihuszka

What a beautiful thing to be doing in Luca’s honour. He would be so proud of his Daddy not only for this endeavour but in the strength, kindness and gratitude you find in every day in spite of your enormous loss. Good luck boys. You’re inspirational ❤️


Lauren Devereaux

Well done Shady I’m sure your baby will be with you the whole way ❤️


Julie-anne Mcilwain

Your an inspiration.


Peter And Lynne

Best of luck to you. Regards Peter and Lynne


Kelli Lillyman

Cheering you on from the sidelines Shady, as Luca will be! x


Jamie Bloyd

I feel so lucky to be able to call you a friend You keep amazing us all See you in Mudgee


Julie Pobihuszka

Thank you Shady for undertaking this challenge to support this worthy research. Blessings to you and your family and beautiful Angel Luca.


Clair O’gorman

Thank you for sharing and raising awareness for this important case. For 19 years today, I have also carried this grief & sorrow. My thoughts are with you.


Tammy Bennett


Alexandra Quail

All the best with your run :)


Amanda Waters

Good luck! Great cause to support


Lee Wajzer

Thank you Shady, it is so inspiring!



All the best with your run